Yesterday I was pulled into an alternate universe. In that universe, software companies were required to disclose any possible side effects associated with running their software, much like pharmaceutical companies in our universe. (Also, SOPA/PIPA had passed the U.S. House and Senate and were signed into law by President Donald Trump. Altogether not a pleasant reality.) Anyway, I brought back Oracle’s® list of Java™ side effects.

Thank you for installing Java!

While your installation is finishing, please read the following message from Oracle:

Some users have reported sluggishness and loss of security while using Java. Java may increase your risk of certain infections, including viruses and worms. Prolonged use has been associated with migraines, bloating, and loss of memory. Do not install Java if you are nursing or pregnant, or if someone was ever pregnant with you. Before installing Java, talk to your sysadmin about any other software you’re using, such as a Web browser, as it may increase your risk of infection.